BUSINESS STRATEGY AND TALENT STRATEGY - ALIGNED. Assessing, Hiring And Developing Talent For Performance And Culture.

Executive Search

The search for talent that allows leaders to do what they are best at. We find executive and non-executive directors that help leadership teams to overcome challenges in the uncharted territories of ever so changing markets. more

Career Transition

Channeling performance and focus. Finding a meaningful professional purpose. Managing change. We do this through raising self-awareness, learning to manage the newly gained insights, and setting a winning strategy to create opportunities. more

Talent Strategy

Aligning talent strategy to business strategy. Our contemporary approach to talent management. We provide access to HR services and talent when you need it, whilst reducing the pain and pressure of short notice recruitment processes. more

Thought Leadership

A best practice guide by the Institute of Risk Management (IRM), authored by SANDPartners founder Ulrich Seega, on how to hire great Chief Risk Officers and other senior risk professionals

The IRM has released new guidance on hiring for the most senior risk positions. It also remarks on a shortage of candidates for senior level positions and calls on organisations to ensure that their professional development schemes and succession plans nurture sufficient talent for the future. IRM is also introducing a new advisory service to provide candidate assessment support for organisations around the world seeking to make top level risk appointments. more


The SANDPartners philosophy is based on collaboration, detailed research, powerful strategy, and resilient execution leading to effective solutions.

Our team consists of international researchers, consultants, HR professionals and psychologists. Our clients include non-executive board directors, Chief Executives and their direct reports in firms ranging from start-up to FTSE 100.

SANDPartners was founded by Ulrich Seega, a career expert, talent advisor and experienced executive search consultant who has worked in the UK and internationally with CEOs and their teams in various sectors. His broad experience also includes work with special forces and high performance world class athletes.