From Exec to Board

We were asked to find a Group CFO for an investor backed insurance business.

A complex situation, since the incumbent remained with the business, internal talent was keen to be involved – and all that in the middle of a sale and substantially increased growth expectations.

Following a detailed needs-analysis and in-depth market research, interviews, psychometric assessments, facilitated internal debate amongst the leadership team, referencing, and final negotiations the client not just hired a finance expert but a senior leader whose fit on a professional and cultural level stood out.

All three, the successful candidate, the internal candidate and the incumbent benefited from our executive leadership coaching to accelerate their respective journeys in their new roles.

Over the coming months we strengthened the next level of leaders with multiple hires across the regional and functional matrix whilst implementing a leadership coaching programme and culture for teams and individuals.

With new investors on board our client’s strategy was heavily growth focused. We partnered beyond the senior hires on various levels and translated the CEO’s vision of a coaching culture. In short, this was based on 1:1 leadership coaching and a long-term team-oriented programme.

As part of the journey we also assessed hires independently of how they found their way into our client’s organisation in order to systematically ensure and align values and fit.

Having seen the fruits of our work on a hire in one of their portfolio companies, the investors invited us back to collaborate.

They were acquiring a founder-led insurance business that had been running for 20 years without institutional capital and a formal non-executive board structure.

Having established various options for the founder and the investors to choose from, we introduced a seasoned chair who had been a founder, chair, and advisor in numerous investment scenarios.

Key to all parties’ approval was the chair’s combination of professionalism, understanding for the stakeholders, and true motivation to add value over any personal interests.