Career Transition Channeling performance and focus. Finding a meaningful professional purpose. Managing change.

Channeling performance and focus. Finding a meaningful professional purpose. Managing change. We do this through raising self-awareness, learning to manage the newly gained insights, and setting a winning strategy to create opportunities.

The corporate world is changing in more dimensions than ever before. The speed of change continuously increases. No job is the same and fewer careers are linear. Moving jobs has become more complex and stressful than ever before.

OUR APPROACH. To achieve a successful career transition we raise self-awareness, manage change and implement a tailor made strategy with and for you. That means we hold up the mirror, give purpose, advice, and guidance, and also train, research, facilitate introductions and set the foundation for a successful career move to a job you will thrive in.

  • “It is with great pleasure that I’m able to provide testimony in favour of Ulrich Seega.

    In recent years I have come to highly respect Ulrich’s knowledge and intellect, both in a professional and personal capacity.  Whilst I looked for a change in direction having enjoyed over four decades in business, Ulrich helped me focus on my strengths and articulate what it was I wanted to do.  Such a frank and honest professional evaluation of my skills, proved so accurate that his guidance continues to help me immensely in my advisory work.   Ulrich is undoubtedly highly skilled, but he’s also very personable and a good team player, such that we continue to work on various joint projects together.”

    I can not recommend Ulrich to you more highly.

    Senior Advisor to investors and leaders
  • “Ulrich has a black belt in all things talent and I can only recommend him and the team.”

    Chief Underwriting Officer
  • “I had continuously performed on a high level however, after a decade with my company I was looking for personal development and a new challenge. 
    During these times of change Ulrich supported me as a sounding board and challenged and guided my thinking. He coached me through every step of the process, as and when I needed it.   
    I rate Ulrich’s direct and professional approach. He was very empathetic but also did not shy away from difficult questions. Having not worked with a coach before and then gone through a lengthy and complex hiring process with him, I can only recommend Ulrich to anyone undergoing a change of jobs.”
    Investment Director
  • “After two decades in business I really knew how to represent my company. The work with Ulrich and the team helped me to focus on myself again, verbalise my personal story and set the strategy to find a new challenge.”

    Senior Banker
  • “Having met Ulrich for the first time over 15 years ago, his sound advice has supported me ever since in making numerous decisions, affecting professional and personal aspects of life.

    As a trusted advisor and a valued friend, his courage, his pursuit of excellence and his honest interest in the people he works with have continuously impressed me. If you don’t intend to take the easy and comfortable way, but rather strive to reach your full potential, then Ulrich is exactly the right person to talk to.”

    Managing Director, Global Strategic Communications