Change – This time it is different

#change. What does that mean for talent in insurance? That was the conversation SANDPartners founder Ulrich Seega had with Marc Surminski from German insurance publication Zeitschrift fuer Versicherungswesen. As a result, he wrote an article which was published however, is only available in German hence, below a brief summary of the key points:


  • Whilst change has always been present in one way or the other this time it is different. Abundance of capital, new regulation and developing technology require a more dynamic approach to talent.
  • Competition is not who it used to be. Hiring becomes more complex because you can’t just go to the next competitor and hire their COO hoping to fix your problems.
  • The human factor in cyber is still underrated and too many leaders over-invest in tech whilst forgetting to support their employees to stay up to date. This leads me to believe that IT security for example should rather be approached as a Socio-Technical subject (considering that most claims are result of fat fingers or human/internal fraud).
  • Increased demand for professionals with relationship and influencing skills. Leadership and social skills are more important than ever before.
  • Diversity is on many CEOs’ agendas but the terminology is equally source for conflict. This can only be reduced if no token hires are made but for example diversity of thought and gender equity are supported by an intense quality check to hire the best person for the job. Assessment of behaviours is key. This also requires an increased awareness by the hiring manager that the best solution may not look and talk like they do.
  • Poor behaviour continues to lead to conflict and discrimination. It is happening at all levels and in brokers as well as underwriters or law firms. Company culture and company leadership seem to make more of a difference than anything.
  • There is an increased interest in networking to learn and develop. New platforms, networks and interest groups have formed.
  • Lots to consider and highly relevant for business strategy if one reads CNAHardy’s Risk and Confidence Survey for example.


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