We offer a range of services to help build your business.

Investor Services

We offer pre-deal services for investors and portfolio companies. As part of your due diligence we can:

    • Find the Chair or CEO to acquire the business in just the way you want.
    • Find experts and industry leaders when large data bases reach their limits.
    • Conduct individualised assessments to mitigate (talent-) risk.
    • Take references that de-risk deals and set talent up for success.

As part of your Value Creation we can:

    • Conduct assessments that help you decide whether to hire or promote talent.
    • Undertake succession planning and identify key criteria for success, followed by talent research and benchmarking internal with external talent.
    • Enhance your team’s leadership abilities through coaching and tailored leadership development programmes.

Designing, Managing and Embedding Organisational Change

We’ll help you ensure your business is performing at its peak.

We can give you the tools, we can partner with you, or we can do it for you.

We identify the gaps that lead to organisational underperformance. We unlock your team’s performance or recruit the right leaders and support them in removing roadblocks. As a result we create teams that are far stronger than the sum of their parts.

Change does not happen overnight. Our methods ensure change is embedded sustainably and works, instead of damaging performance or being rejected.

HR in a Box

Strategic people solutions when you need them; reducing the pressure and pain of short notice people related roadblocks.

Talent strategy; aligning your talent blueprint to your business strategy to ensure the best results.

Career coaching; changing roles or direction is always a challenge, and we offer support to make the move efficient and effective. We empower by raising self-awareness, demonstrating how to manage newly gained insights, setting a winning strategy to create opportunities, channelling performance and finding focus.

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