Want to do better in 2023 than in 2022?

Two things to look out for this year…

2023 only just started but it is already picking up speed! Difficult not to get instantly drawn into it. Hopefully just enough time to take some learnings on the journey.

The past couple of years were dominated by a high speed of change, interruption, inflation, pandemic, Brexit (still…), conflict, political change, and uncertainty. It was easy to go with the flow, work harder, and worry more.
Business leaders had to withstand the pressure, and continue to seek opportunities and create value whilst managing those risks. To come out stronger, two things stood out in 2022 that made a huge difference to people we worked with:

Alternating speed. Athletes have seen it over and over. You start too fast and burn out before the race has really started. Allowing change of speed around you and making conscious decisions when to lead or sprint and when to follow make a huge difference. Make speed alterations and priorities your tools – and friends.

Change. To master all those changes it is not required to become an overnight expert in money markets, politics and health. It is more important to recognise what changes, how it makes you feel, how you want to feel and what you can do to master the new situation. Is it research? Is it a strong network and the people around you? What is it that initiates a clear mind and success in stressful times of change? No surprise, many have found that writing it down has a bigger impact than just thinking it through.